Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to the Cluttered Table

Welcome! You have just been introduced to The Cluttered Table, lucky you! Here you will find projects, crafts and recipes that we discover. You will find ways to restore antique furniture, recipes for tasty things like jam and bread, homemade greeting card secrets and much much more! We believe in letting our table get a little cluttered for a while in order to make something beautiful.

We would love to feature other cooks and crafters on The Cluttered Table. Just send us an email! You will find our info on the contact us tab. We would love to hear from you!

Above you will find several tabs to choose from. Projects is where you will find large scale projects like restoring furniture and pepakura models. Crafts is more of what would be considered traditional crafting: cards, scrapbooks, sewing projects. And of course, recipes is where you will find ways to make homemade pleasures to tickle your taste buds! Hope you find something you enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

Samantha and Reeve Hutchens

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