Wednesday, May 02, 2012


I haven't blogged lately because right now I'm too busy trying to find balance in my life.

I'm struggling with juggling a house, a job, a family and personal time. I know I've learned a lot in my twenty-four years, but I haven't learned that yet. This balance issue is one that leaves me frustrated, disgruntled and often bitter. But today I'm trusting the Holy Spirit to help me combat that.

Today I'm struggling to find the time to work, have quiet time, keep house, feed my family and work out. Today all I can see is the work - not the joy in it. I know this attitude isn't pleasing to the Lord so my prayer is that today He changes my attitude. Like an old song by Switchfoot I'm singing, "Let me know that you hear me. Let me know your touch. Let me know that you love me. And let that be enough."

I know the Bible speaks absolute truth about the role of women and that truth is seriously unpopular in my modern American world. It calls woman the helper of the man (Genesis 2:20-22) It tells us to submit to our husbands (Ephesians 5:22) and it tells us to be busy in the home (Titus 2:5) These are definitely not the qualities that are praised in a woman today. But these are the qualities God wants from us.

I'll be the first to admit it's hard to have the attitude of a godly wife while living in a me-first society. This attitude is so counter-culture to everything I've been raised in and am surrounded by. Some days it's easier than others but some days our husbands can make it even more difficult. Some days they aren't loving or leading like they should be. These are the days that we as wives feel the weeds of bitterness wrap around our feet. These days Proverbs 31 feels more like a to-do list than praise for a godly woman. Some days I read it reverently and with prayer and some days I read it and think it's completely unobtainable. On these day we need to remember that our husbands are human and they make mistakes and they are still learning how to love and lead, just like we are still learning to submit. It's hard to follow a leader with a bad attitude or a demanding spirit, but remember, it's not their attitude we need to worry about, it's ours. The Lord looks will take care of them and all we can do is pray for our attitudes and their hearts.

But this day is a day when we will rejoice and thank the Lord for the day He has made. No matter what our circumstances or our troubles we will set our hearts on things above (Col 3:2) and trust that He is in control.

With that said I'd love to hear your feedback on how you ladies who work full-time keep your house clean. I'm trying to find a schedule I can keep that will still allow me to work around my schedule. I go to Bible study on Tuesday nights and church band practice on Thursdays and we have youth group Sunday night. So this leaves me only Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and every other Tuesday (day) to keep the house. I also need to start taking a Sabbath. I haven't had a real Sabbath in I don't know how long and I'm not really sure what I'd even do with it! I end up working 7 days a week - if not at a job or church then on the house.

I've also run out most of my cleaning supplies and I'm looking for good pantry cleaners. I know that vinegar and water work well and I use baking soda for my glass-top stove. Any other good ones I don't know about yet?


  1. Best hint I have for cleaning is that microwaving a bit of water and lemon juice for about a minute before scrubbing makes all the gunk come off the inside of the microwave in half the time. Crazy, but true.

  2. Economy glass cleaner: 1/2 alcohol, 1/2 distilled water.Cuts grease, and does not streak. Any food stain or blood: Put hydrogen peroxide on stain, let it bubble, then launder in Cold Water. (Hot or warm will set the stain.) (For cloth items.) If it is upholstery or carpet,after it bubbles, take a cloth with Cold water and dish soap and scrub. Rinse, then pat spot to absorb excess. Cleaning Copper clad pots: Pour table salt on pot bottom. Then pour on vinegar. lightly use a sponge or rag. It sparkles very quickly, with very little elbow grease necessary.