Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spring Fever

I know it's only February 16th, but due to this mild winter I think I have the worst case of spring fever I've ever had.

I blame it on the mild weather.
And on the fact that all the magazines keep talking about spring.
And the fact that I'm looking forward to getting our garden ready.
And the fact that I'm completely ready to get out with the dog more and train for our 5k.

(just before one of our walks)

I am completely ready for warm weather and tulips and sunshine and longer days so I can go to the park with the dog after work. Walking the dog is one of my favorite ways of exercising. He pushes me to move faster, walk further and challenge myself to be better. And more light means longer walks and more friends to meet along the path.

It's just too darn early to be getting spring fever! It won't be good and warm here until mid-March or even the end of March. I have at least a month, perhaps two before spring really arrives. What a depressing thought!

So here I sit, inside on this rainy, dreary day just wishing spring would hurry up and arrive already!

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