Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Spring Break

I think I need a spring break.

When I was in college I loved spring break. I never went to Cancun or Florida (or anywhere for that matter) but it was nice to have no homework. I think as an adult I need spring break way more than I ever did in college. I need a week to catch up on the house and make it more like something in House Beautiful and less like something you'd see on "Hoarders."

Spring is coming and with it comes time to sit on the porch and enjoy the outside world. Right now however, I'm painfully aware that my porch looks like the victim of this weekend's tornadoes. (The old hvac unit is sitting on it along with about one hundred rifle casings.) The old rocker needs to be repaired and painted and the his and hers rockers need to be cleaned and painted as well.

Not that the inside is any cleaner...Reeve has been sick this week and the house work is getting a little behind. I finally caught up the laundry (which I hate because just as you finally wash the last load it starts multiplying like bunny rabbits again.)  Not to mention the furry tumble weeds are starting to take over. Barbie never told me two cats and a dog can really mess up your dream house. I'm sick and tired of winter decorations but it's too early for Easter decorations to go up. Everything in the house needs a new coat of paint and some places need more that.

As you can see, I need  deserve a spring break far more than college students. If for no other reason, than so I can get that house cleaned and Reeve and I can get our sanity back.

As long as my vacation request gets approved I will have spring break in 5 weeks. It can't come soon enough...

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