Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Terrific Tuesday: Boojiboo!

I Love love love this shop. I love it. I cannot stress to you how crazy I am about this etsy shop - so I'm sharing it with you!

Today's featured crafter is Boojiboo - apron expert and classical seamstress!
 Boojiboo is a mother and daughter team from La Mirada, California. These three sew the sweetest aprons and sell them in their shop on etsy.  These aprons are not  only super-cute, they are also well-priced.

Let me share with you a few of my favorite aprons:

The BELLA Vintage Inspired Summertime Paisley Full Apron

I love Paisley! I always have! It's so feminine and so cute!

Retro Apron Sweetheart Neckline White Spotted Owl - BELLA

So Paisley isn't your thing? Check out these adorable owls! The are totally cute and very very unique!

The CHLOE Vintage Inspired Black and White Polka Dot Full Apron


 If you want somthing a little more classic this apron is your gal! It doesn't get more classic than polka dots! I like this one because it's black and much less likely to be stained by dirty brownie-batter hands!

The MAGGIE Vintage Inspired Cafe Latte Coffee Full Apron


I love the little coffee cups!!!  It's so...cozy.

Vintage Inspired Louisiana Spicy Gumbo Half Apron

I'm not quite as crazy about this one, but I wanted to feature a half apron since they make those as well.
All of their aprons sell for $28.75 - about what you would pay at any home goods store.  I get the feeling Reeve might even get me one for our next gift giving holiday! Wander around their shop for a while and then maybe go make a batch of cookies...

...or three...



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