Monday, January 23, 2012

According to a recent study by the Daily Mail people who wear glasses have better interviews and have a better chance at getting the job. It sounds crazy but 33% of people surveyed say that glasses make you look more professional. And a whopping 43% think glasses make you look more intelligent. Gone are the days of the four-eyes insults. Suddenly your glasses make you more chic, more professional and even smarter.

So if you already need them, take advantage of this fact and wear them when you need to look smart. So let me tell you about my friends at

They have an amazing selection of glasses, really great prices on contacts and fantastic coupon codes.

Example 1: Here's a link to a picture of the glasses I ordered last week:

Cute right? Originally 68 dollar frames, I got them and my lenses free using the code "firstpairfree" at check out and only paid shipping. (lenses are free up to 1.5x, greater magnitudes are $20.) That comes to a total of $7 for prescription eyeglasses.

Example 2. Here is the pair Reeve got:

Very unique. Frames were originally $38 (free with the firstpairfree code) and lenses were $20. We ordered them with another item so the total came to $25 for Reeve's glasses.

Example 3. Reeve uses Acuvue Oasys contacts which are a whopping $40 a box at our optometrist's office. On coastal they are only $25.89. (And less if you buy 4 boxes.) So with shipping his contacts came to a total of $56.78 (a total of $23.22 saved compared to buying at the optometrist.)

So if you still aren't convinced here are a few coupon codes that might convince you.
RETURN10 - saves you 10% and gives you free shipping.
RETURN - gives you free shipping.
BOGO50 - a current offer that gives you 50% off a pair when you buy a pair.
FREESHIP - free shipping on orders over $100.
FIRSTPAIRFREE - pick from hundreds of eligible frames to get a pair of glasses (up to 1.5x) for free.

What are you waiting for! Go get your free glasses!

I can't wait till mine come in! I'll post photos...

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  1. I just ordered glasses and contacts! I use acuvue oasys too except I have astigmatism so they are even more expensive. Thanks for telling me about!