Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Terrific Tuesday: The Alternative Jewely Shop

There's a little place in Nicholasville, KY called The Alternative Jewelry Shop. It's owned by Danny and Libby Barnes and they make custom jewelry pieces. They set my diamond for me and we plan on using them to make custom rings for us as soon as we can afford to.

They use wax molds to create their custom jewelry. First they help you come up with a design that suits you, then they make a wax mold, and then they cast the metal, fill with your stones and give you the final product.

Let's take a look at the story of a ring from the wax mold to the finished product. I took some photos off their website of my favorite piece. This has to be the prettiest ring I've ever seen in my life!

This is a photo of a 1.6 carat antique cushion cut diamond in the wax mold. Isn't it gorgeous?

Here's the ring. It has just been cast and is fresh out of the mold. Ready to be cut
and polished and filled with stones.

Here we've been cut and polishing has begun. It's pictured with it's mate, the man's wedding ring. Now lets look at the finished product.

Isn't it gorgeous? They make the most beautiful, well-crafted jewelry!

   Look at the detail beneath the stone!

Definitely the prettiest engagement ring I've ever seen! I hope she said yes!

Check out their website here or call them at (859) 885-4109 or just walk into their shop. It's located at:
118 1/2 North Main Street in Nicholasville.

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