Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Terrific Tuesday: servicepartner!

It's Tuesday, and you know what that means - it's time for another Terrific Tuesday feature!

Today we are going to take a look at servicepartner. Her name is Danielle Bossert and she runs her adorable etsy shop out of Philadelphia. This is how Danielle describes her reason for crafting:

"After living and teaching in East Africa for several years I moved back home to PA. But sadly I moved back to no employment and not many job opportunities.

So..., or should I say "sew", I fired up the old sewing machine and got to work. I created my own job opportunity. Now I can work towards my goal of one day moving back to Africa and concentrating on my volunteer work."

Servicepartner makes books covers, kindle/ereader covers and magazine folders to keep your literature pretty, clean and protected. 

Let's look at a few of her fabulous products:

Here is her ereader cover. This is a hard-cover case that protects your kindle/nook. It is made with fabric and recycled batting (I'm a firm believer in recycling so I love this) and sprayed with Scotch Guard to protect it from stray food and liquids. She makes them to fit your specific ereader and with your choice of fabrics. It folds over so it can be held with one hand (A perk if you are Briana Bolton and you frequently hold your Bible-on-Nook in one hand and your microphone in the other.)

This is the magazine folder. It has four pockets and a pen holder on the inside and is large enough to hold a magazine or any other papers you wish to tote in it. I think this is my personal favorite product she makes. I am always toting budgets and crossword puzzles and magazines and resumes and The Weekender section of our local newspaper. It's also excellent for college students.  It also is sprayed with Scotch Guard to protect the folder and your files.

This one is perfect for college students. It is her Large Book Cover. (It also comes in a smaller size) When I was in college I was always buying book covers to protect my textbooks. I sold most of my books at the end of the year and a good book cover meant more money at the end of the year when I sold it. I also had a tendancy to just throw books in my bag - and ending up with wrinkled or folded covers. This book cover has a stiff fabric to help hold covers in place and keep them in good shape.

It's also great for mommies with little ones. Cover your kids books and toss them in a diaper bag so you can keep them for the next baby to read.  

If you haven't already, give her shop a look and check out her cute fabrics and quality book covers! I know you will be pleased as I was!

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