Monday, October 24, 2011


Anyone who suffers from migraines know how awful they are.

I've been suffering low-grade migraines for about two weeks now. I've never had them before now, so the sudden onset is a cause for slight concern. (The only times I've ever had headaches like these are when I had meningitis 12 years ago and when I had the flu in February.) They have been so bad I've left company in the living room and gone to lie down. I have to get out of all light and sounds and usually I fall asleep and wake up with what feels like a hangover.They usually hit at night but I can't take excedrin at night or else it keeps me up all night.

 Driving at night triggers a migraine and so does reading and blogging, so my blogging this month has been pretty sparce. I'm currently nauseous and running a slight fever so I'm leaving work early. I don't think it's flu since I'm not weak and I don't have body aches. I'm almost completely convinced it's my vision so I'm heading to the optomitrist today. I'm hoping it's just because of my vision and not anything more serious. We will look into a few other things, but I'm pretty sure it's just from my bad vision.

Please pray that we discover the cause of these headaches. I can't live like this anymore.

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  1. Prayers- If you haven't tried Trexemet (not properly spelled I'm sure) you should! It works wonders on migraines. I also take a daily pill to prevent them.